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Behind the Jute Tote Bag Trend

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Ever heard of jute tote bags? Simply put, they're tote bags made out of jute. Recently, a lot of buzz regarding these bags have made them quite popular, and you probably even come across some people on the street toting their own. What's the deal with these bags anyway?

Several fashion trends come and go every time, some come into prominence and fade away while others remain in permanence. Totes are one such trend that has become rather permanent. Though not exactly the hottest of vogues today, jute totes (and bags made of other material) are still common and widely used.

They first appeared as far back as the 17th century, though the moniker "tote" which meant "to carry" was not applied to the particular style of the bags then. Not until 1900 were they to be called totes. The simple practicality of using these bags made them quite useful, and perhaps owing to the variety of material with which they can be made from and that they are quite customizable, the bags have since risen to prominence and are yet to fade away into the past. In fact, thanks to the information age, more people are becoming aware of totes and thus have started using them.

Jute is a strong coarse thread material spun from vegetable fiber. Being sturdy enough to be used as materials for handicrafts and the sort, jute was soon used for bags as well. Jute tote bag singapore today are getting a lot of mileage thanks to the Web and other media, and are used instead of synthetic material bags like those made of plastic in light of environmentalism and similar 'Green' advocacies.

While there are some downsides to using jute as a material such as they grow weak and may promote bacterial growth in humid conditions, many of these concerns don't apply to jute tote bags. After all, you won't be bringing your bags anywhere humid or anywhere it can get wet, right? Just seeing and getting a feel for the material alone would clue in even the most innocent of tote bag enthusiasts that jute isn't waterproof.

Like other totes made from different material, jute tote bags can be easily personalized to attain great aesthetic results. A single Google search can display a good number of online stores that offer personalized bags as merchandise.

But beyond being useful and customizable bags, what other uses do tote bags come handy for? They're great as party favors, or the bags that carry a favor set of matching glassware, pens and notebooks, and perhaps a keychain USB drive. Totes -even the smaller ones-have a lot of space to print on, so they also come handy as marketing paraphernalia. A mass marketing drive that involves giving away promotional freebies would do well to give away bags. And of course, you can personalize your own bag to match your fashion sense and tastes.




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